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Sales Reps – how can we help you?

Wouldn’t you love your own cold calling service?
We know you need to make those monthly targets.

As a successful Sales Person we know what is required of you on a monthly basis. You are expected to achieve your target every month, no matter what.

You are expected to go to the office and get a list of names to call for the day. Then you need to call these names to get an appointment. You have to attend the appointment, do the quote, complete the paperwork, oversee the installation of your product or service, continue building the relationship, and all the while still find new business.

Sounds exhausting!

Fortunately we can assist you. Imagine how much time you’ll save during the day when we set up these appointments for you? This means freeing up more time in your day to go do what you love – selling of course!

I take “filling up diaries” very serious. Coming from almost a decade of sales, I understand the importance of a good, qualified lead that is hot and ready to talk. My team and I are there to assist you to get your diary busy with those perfect clients. Looking forward hearing to from you.

Kindest Regard – Karen Wessels

Founder & CEO of SnappSales

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Feel free to book your consultation with Karen

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How do we do it?



We help you understand your value proposition and identify your position in the marketplace.



Generate a constant flow of high quality leads with our unique outreach program and connect you with decision makers.



We initiate the sales conversation through building relationships and nurturing your prospective client.



This is your opportunity to shine, to sit in front of your prospect and convert them!

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